The research culture of our network is about building community. There are currently 60+ members. The network seminars are usually attended by between ten and twenty dedicated and engaged researchers who want to have open discussions about their work, and about food system challenges. How can we, as researchers, be part of creating a sustainable and just food system? In order to maintain a community approach, our seminars are not recorded and membership is limited to those who have a connection to Bristol, either as where they are based, or as part of their research topic.

The Bristol Food Justice Network is primarily a space for researchers at the University of Bristol working on food, as well as for Bristol residents who are food researchers, or researchers focusing on something food-related in the city of Bristol. You might be based at another organisation or University and be seeking a community of people with whom to discuss the tough questions of ethics, limits and understandings of food research and food justice. If so, welcome!

Please e-mail Lauren.Blake[AT] or Lydia.Medland[AT] if you would like to join the network.  

If you are not a Bristol food researcher, but are interested in our work, look out for public events and collaborations, we hope to welcome you to come soon!