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FJN Seminar Series Feb-June 2021 Final

FJN Seminar Series 2020-2021


We held a network workshop on April 14th and April 15th 2021. In the workshop we were able to reflect on the network, it’s development this year, and potential for the future. Below is an overview of what we covered. The diagram shows the regular members of the network who attended the roundtable discussions. We were assisted in our reflections by Kate Tapper, and were supported by Bristol Clear Research Staff Development Fund.


Bristol Researchers’ Food Justice Network Workshop

Welcome to the network workshop!


Session 1: Weds 14th April 3-5pm.

Where we are now? How we connect. Survey results. Thematic discussions.

Session 2: Thurs 15th April 3-5pm.

Where are we going? Externally facilitated exploration of where we’d like to go.

Session 3: Thursday 22nd April 5-6pm.

Follow up meeting.